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10 Man Ascendants kill of Cho'Gall in Bastion of Twilight with Bienen (Feral Druid), Vysion (Feral Druid), Canuckbuck (Resto Shaman), Doctavice (Holy Priest), Fatua (Warlock), Nutpuncher (pronounced newtpuncher), Osz (Ret Paladin), Kryus (Hunter #1), Mizzsuzy (Holy Paladin) and Vaalik (Rogue)

Our Strategy:

2 tanks, 3 healers and 5 DPS were needed, the fight centers around not standing in stuff, interrupting properly and killing adds quickly. Adds spawn from alternating places in the room and from the corpses of said adds so we dragged him back and fourth for this. Additionally the boss casts a Fury type debuff that requires a tank swap. Throughout the fight the boss also casts a MC type spell that can be removed by interrupting that persons cast, this needs to be done as soon as possible to reduce the damage and corruption.

In Phase 1 the fight consists of not standing in fire and moving the boss between adds. It's generally lined up for the tanks so that as he casts fury the add will spawn - the tank not killing the boss will drag the add to the back of the stairs, interrupts are very important on these adds. We drag them to the back because each add will spawn 5 oozes from their corpse, during this time the other tank will have dragged the boss near his starting position.

Shortly after the back add dies the boss will summon 5 oozes from the bodies of the dead adds, for the first 3 we use our ranged to focus them down but near the end everyone helps out. It's important to kill them as soon as possible because this fight also has a corruption mechanic similar to the Yogg Saron insanity that stacks up to 100.

Corruption however has different effects, it starts by placing a debuff on you that will give you a dot and then cause raid damage and eventually make you unhealable and so it's important that everyone minimizes their corruption.

When phase 2 begins the boss will no longer summon the oozes and instead will summon 4 tentacles, these take priority over the boss as they channel a spell that will reduce damage and healing by 75% on a raid member. We placed each tank on a different one, while the melee focused another together - this ensured that the debuff was only on one person at the most for a short period.

Raid damage will spike up during this phase, so a clean transition and lust is ideal for this
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Boss Blue Prints

jewbacca331, Jan 20, 11 3:00 PM. is a great tool to map out how you want to organize your raid. Each boss from most encounters has their own map to which you can add your own icons for the people in your raid as well as the actual raid icons themselves. Also included in this is the ability to map out rotations and movement with arrows and dotted lines. After you have everything mapped out and ready to go, all you have to do is take a screen grab of the map or click "Save" which will save the URL for people to look at. Below is the URL to the Al'Akir fight mapping for phase 1. I threw it together for this demonstration so it may not be spot on.  It is just a basic view of the elements at our disposal in order to prepare forfights we have not done yet, or to maximize our positioning on fights with which we are having issues.


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